Dallas Angels Varsity Has No Mercy On HSAA Alumni


High School Team Prevails, 11-3, for Victory Two Years Straight

The HSAA Baseball Alumni took the traditional early lead in the 1st inning powered by a 2-run single by Grant Neidenfeuhr off David Hendricks, but the 2005 Dallas Angels Varsity regrouped and prevailed 11-3 highlighted by a 2-run homerun by J.D. Price off Neidenfeuhr.


HSAA Alumni Participants
Jeff Hendricks

Brad Cavanaugh  00

Grant Neidenfeuhr  00

Donald Prim  01

Eric Woodall  01

Chris Simmons  99

Tim Threlfall  02

John Hendricks  03

Matt Jennings  03

Jess Johnson  03

Jordan Hulsey  96

Courtney Beacham  00

Shannon Beacham  99