HSAA Coach Gets Tossed from Game

AP Dallas--An HSAA baseball coach had to be restrained and escorted to the parking lot by two armed police officers after an altercation with an umpire. Umpire Galvin O'Grady finally had to call the cops after the unnamed coach refused to leave the field. "At first, I thought he was just clowning around, but it got old," O'Grady explained. "When he got toe-to-toe with me and stepped on my foot with those big red shoes, I knew I had enough."

Spectator Lisa Lewis thought the coach deserved what he got. "My goodness, it was a circus atmosphere out there!" Her husband Harold chimed in, "That bozo was out of control, but the real ringleader was his assistant coach!"

Parent Jennifer Bushnell disagreed. "Oh, the kids just love him. Sure, some of the younger ones are afraid of him, but Coach is definitely misunderstood. Behind that complicated facade is a real man."

When asked in the parking lot to explain his version of the events, the HSAA coach simply said, "Some people just don't have a sense of humor" and drove off in a very tiny car with 12 of his friends.