Official HSAA Forms

Eligibility & Conduct (Applies to ALL HSAA Athletes)    

Parents are responsible for ensuring that their athlete meets the definition of "homeschooled" as defined in the Eligibility Rules (scroll down to download/view a copy). Any questions on eligibility need to be addressed with the Sport's Commissioner and/or the Board's Eligibility Committee.

Parents and athletes are responsible for (annually) reading and always following the HSAA Expectations, Appearance Guidelines, and Social Media Policy. Both are required to annually sign the HSAA Parent / Player Agreement.

All Board Members, Commissioners, and Coaches are required to sign the HSAA Statement of Faith indicating their agreement with it. Although athletes and their parents / guardians are not required to sign the statement of faith, we want all athletes and their families to know that our Christian faith is an integral aspect of HSAA. Our athletes and their parents / guardians are expected to respect our Christian faith, and their actions at any HSAA function (or in relation to HSAA) need to reflect Christ and glorify God. Athletes represent HSAA, and their behavior and social media should not be in conflict with our Christian faith as presented in the Statement of Faith.


The HSAA Athletic Releases & Medical Authorization form is required annually for all athletes (available in PDF & Editable PDF forms).

Each Player MUST have an annual physical on file before the first tryout/practice. The physical must have been done after May 15 of the prior school year (or before tryouts for those fall sports with tryouts in April/early May). Boy Scout physicals are acceptable. Exceptions to the 5/15 date may be made (by the Sports Commissioner) for a particular sport if the ending date for the sport's activities is within a year of the date of the athlete's physical. This may make the physical invalid for use in a different HSAA sport. Exceptions  (by the Sports Commissioner for a particular sport) can also be made for tryouts if tryouts fall within a year of the date of the athlete's last physical. Athletes must turn in an updated physical after they are named to a team.

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