About HSAA Golf

HSAA golf is targeted for high school only.  In 2022/23 season HSAA Golf had the following High School teams: 1 Girls, 2 Boys.  The boys team was split based on scoring average.  Boys varsity A team (the red team) golfers have to qualify for this team.  This team normally competes with many of the DFW High Schools for either a 1 or 2 day tournaments. We allow up to 7 players on the red team, but currently there  are 6 and they normally shoot scores 65 to 79. The Varsity B team golfers compete with DFW High Schools but those tournaments are normally 1 day matches and these players typically shoot 80 or higher.  For the Girls team the same rules apply.   HSAA has clearly defined eligibility rules for High School participation.  If you are interested please reach out directly to the coaches listed at bottom.

For those interested in middle school golf, HSAA does not have an organized team due to minimal  middle school organized teams to compete with.  However, there are parents that coordinate many of the future HSAA athletes to play golf together. Some middle school golfers even practice with the high school teams.

Contact Information:

P.O. Box 262486
Plano, TX 75026-2486