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Running a top-notch sports organization requires a significant amount of financial support, and your contribution will help us reach our goals. HSAA exists to provide home-schooled students with benefits of participation in organized team sports. We are committed to modeling and teaching Christian character traits, including self-discipline, self-respect, respect for authority, and good sportsmanship.

Money-for-Miles Fundraising 2023

Families of the 2023 HSAA Cross Country Program,

To help keep the cross-country program competitive, address increasing costs, and make it affordable for all families, we need to do fundraising. Although participation is not mandatory, all athletes will benefit from fundraising as team members, so we ask that you please help our teams reach our fundraising goal.  2022 saw a dip in fundraising, so we are trying to reinvigorate our commitment to fundraising in 2023.

While we welcome ideas for many fundraising paths, our initial and largest focus will be on the summer money-for-miles campaign.

Money-for-Miles – We would like for each of you to send donation request letters to friends and family either before, during or at the completion of your 2023 HSAA CC Summer Running Program whereby you seek a donation to the program either for each mile run, for reaching a stated goal, or as a general donation.  All donations qualify for tax deductibility status since HSAA is a 501(c)(3).

Each runner should start logging his or her mileage for each daily run starting on May 22 and continuing through July 30 (ten weeks).  At the end of the summer, these daily logs will be tallied, and each runner’s family will fill out and sign their own donation request letters that will be mailed to prospective donors to complete his or her donation to the program.

For context, if a young runner completes three miles daily six days per week, he or she will have completed 180 miles during summer training.  Some of our more experienced high school runners will complete in excess of 300 miles.

What we need you to start doing is identify a list of family and friends that you believe would be willing to participate and contribute to our fundraiser.  We recommend everyone try to list at least ten contacts.  We trust each family to decide whether it is best to seek support before, during or after the ten-week summer running program.  

A sample letter is attached on this site further below, if helpful to you as you engage with friends and family.

If you have any questions about this program, please email Beau Fournet at  

Thank You for your support of the HSAA Cross Country Team

Contact Information:

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