Tournament Director is Khody Irani -

Weather looks great for the weekend!

Score Updates at the following link:

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TICKETS: Non-refundable tickets will be available through online purchase just prior to the tournament (to allow for weather changes/cancellations if necessary) and are $10 per day or $15 for all-tournament pass (Adults). Students (15 and up) are $5 per day or $7 for all-tournament pass. Kids 14 and under are free. For all-tournament pass purchase, you will receive a wristband that is good for entry at all subsequent games.

CONCESSIONS: Concessions are unavailable, so you are welcome to bring your own food and drink. Players are encouraged to bring their own water, but we will have bottles of water available in the dugouts. At Breckinridge fields, the concrete stands are designed for portable chairs; chairs can also be set up in the grassy areas and along fences.



Time Limit: 1:45 for all games (except Championship game, which is 2 hours).For all games, finish the inning unless home team is ahead and batting. If lights go out or something else happens beyond our control, revert to last completed inning.

Home Team: The Home team is responsible for providing game balls and is listed first in the match-ups. Dugouts will not be assigned as most games are back-to-back and switching dugouts just takes up more playing time. (Home team has the Official Book and needs to report the final score to the team check-in table near the central building). Coin flip determines home team for championship game.

Special Notes: No pregame infield/outfield. Run rule is in effect (10 after 4 innings / 8 after 5 innings). Every team guaranteed 3 games, weather permitting!

Tie Games: After time limit, finish the inning. Tie stands if game is still tied in Pool Play: end of the inning (counts as ½ win, ½ loss). Tiebreakers: Top team in each pool is determined by: 1. Record 2. Runs Allowed 3. Runs Scored 4. Coin Flip

Only the top team from each pool advances to bracket play. All other teams play a single game on Saturday.

Contact Information:

P.O. Box 262486
Plano, TX 75026-2486