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Congratulations to our Boys 14U Blue team!


10U Boys


Due to illness and attrition they played with six players all week.  The boys lost the gold ball game in overtime; the other team hit a buzzer beater to send it to OT in the gold ball game. The team came together and fought hard at Nationals, finishing third in the nation. The growth and maturity we witnessed at Nationals when the boys got down, but fought all the way back was a great moment.  Very proud of the boys on this team.


Made it to the championship game and lost finishing second.  Our boys have a great shot at the National Championship, but needed to be humbled and refocus as they gear up for Nationals.

12U Boys Red


Played hard all year and did so well they ended up in the D1 bracket.  They fought hard and for many of the players this was a developmental focus year and the team exceeded expectations.  Coach Jason did a great job pushing the boys to become better basketball players.


Finished third overall.  This group played in one of the more exciting games you will ever see (3 overtimes).  The players on this team have come a long way and should compete very strongly at Nationals.

12U Boys Blue


Won a gold ball and played for the National Championship.  The boys were up in the fourth quarter of the National Championship game, but came just short of closing the deal.  They finished second in the nation.  The team came a long way from the beginning of the season and grew a lot.  Our 12U has played in the National Championship game two years in a row.


Made it to the championship game and lost.  Having won districts, maybe overall this is a good thing.  This should put a fire in their belly and make them laser focused going into Nationals.

14U Boys Red


Finished fourth overall.  Due to injury and attrition this was the last game for our Red team.  The team fought hard and played hard all season.  The growth of the players was very impressive.

14U Boys Blue 2


Won a Silver ball and the Silver Ball Series Showdown finishing third overall in D3.   The boys on this team came together and accomplished a lot over the year.  The growth of all the boys on this team has been very encouraging and fun to watch.  Very proud of this group.


Went 3 and 1 overall finishing fifth.  The one loss was a last minute buzzer beater.  This team is coming together at the right time and has potential to do something really special at Nationals.

14U Boys Blue 1


Won a gold ball on their way to winning it all.  Congratulations to the  boys and Coach Watts for capturing the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP crown.  HSAA 14U has won the National Championship 2 out of the last 3 years.  That is amazing!


Won Regionals!  Congratulations to the boys and Coach Watts.  The challenge now is keeping the boys hungry and focused as they head to Nationals.

16U Girls


The girls lost a heartbreaker against MHEA, but can hold their heads high for what they overcame.  Due to injuries and attrition, they played with 7 players at Nationals and played with some young players, but played really hard and fought every game.  Coach Paul does a great job with the girls and we hope this is a springboard to making HSAA Girls basketball something very special.


Went 3 and 1 finishing 3rd overall.  The girls have played hard all year and battled a lot of injuries.  Coach Paul does a great job with the girls and has fit right into HSAA.

16U Boys


Finished the season strong.  The boys finished fifth overall in the nation and grew a lot over the year.  The boys came a long way from the beginning of the season and should be very proud of all they accomplished.  


Made it to the championship game and lost.  All of us are very proud of what they accomplished.  The boys rose to the occasion and showed themselves what they can do when they pull together.  Coach Pitts pushes the boys to be their best and we hope this shows them what he sees in them.  If they respond the right way they should be playing for a National Championship.

18U Boys


Finished 12th overall.   Due to the sitout rule these boys only played together for 2 and a half months while other teams played seven months together.  We knew it was a tall task, but hoped the boys could pull it off.  One note from this year's team is that they were able to do something only two other teams could say; HSAA Varsity is one of three teams to make the sweet 16 four years in a row. That is something we can all be proud of and should set us up well going into next year due to returning players and the players we have moving up.


Made it to the championship game and lost.  Due to the sitout period this team has only played together for a month and a half and have come a long way.  Coach Holcombe pushes these boys hard for a reason and we think they saw a glimpse of what they can do.  The next two weeks will determine how successful they will be at Nationals.  This team has what it takes to play for a National Championship; it is up to them to go get it.

Carven Holcombe

Varsity Boys

Dee Boyd

JV Boys

Paul Hartman

Midddle School and High School Girls Coach

Derek Dimoff


Earl Toler

Basketball Commissioner

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HSAA Basketball Registration Coordinator

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Basketball Scheduler

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Basketball Treasurer

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